Flight of the Eagle; Alaska; UA-92916515-1
Flight of the Eagle
Tracy Arm Glacier calving, Alaska; birds flying away; ice splashing in the water; UA-92916515-1
Tracy Arm Glacier Calving
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska with visitors and canoes parked at edge of water; UA-92916515-1
Glacier Visitors
Cold home on the iceberg for the birds in Alaska; UA-92916515-1
Icy Home
Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska on a sunny day; UA-92916515-1
Sunny Mendenhall
Misty passage near Juneau, Alaska; UA-92916515-1
Misty Passage
View of Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska through the pine trees; UA-92916515-1
Pine View of Mendenhall Glacier
Douglas Island Pump House, near Juneau, Alaska; UA-92916515-1
Douglas Island Pump House
Douglas Island waves, near Juneau, Alaska; UA-92916515-1
Douglas Island Waves

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