Yellowstone National Park

Shots taken while hiking through Tom Thumb Geyser Basin

Panorama of Yellowstone Lake displaying colourful flow of deadly acid
Sulphuric pond flowing into Blue Pond

Sign explaining the lay of the land 

Volcanic crater at the surface of the lake

Tom Thumb Geyser from a safe distance-displaying beautiful colors

View of the ponds through the deadwood

Visitors viewing steaming pond from the boardwalk

Dangerous Ponds with sulphuric steam 

Bison preparing to charge!

Beware of Charging Bison - no pets here

Extremes - dried mud and steaming mists

Mud Volcano spewing mist

Poisonous sulphur mist at Yellowstone steam ponds

Lupins and Bison in the landscape

Waterfalls at South Rim of Yellowstone National Park

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