Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA. Panorama; UA-92916515-1
Morro Bay Panorama

Moro Bay Rock, beach with Elephant seals; UA-92916515-1
Elephant seals near Morro Rock

Seal gulls on California coast; UA-92916515-1
The seagulls have the best view

Sea Gulls on rock on California coast; UA-92916515-1
Guardians of the rock 

California coast near Big Sur; UA-92916515-1
Big Sur Coastline

Sea Gull flying through white clouds; UA-92916515-1
Flying High

California coast near Big Sur, people on the beach; UA-92916515-1
A day at the beach

swirling tide with rocks in California coast; UA-92916515-1
Danger below the coastal drive

rock formation in ocean near Big Sur Coastline; UA-92916515-1
Early morning on the coast near Big Sur

swirling water creating tunnels through rock; UA-92916515-1
The power of water - creating tunnels through the rock

Tidal waters coming in at Big Sur, California; UA-92916515-1
The coastal tide 

Pacific Ocean at Big Sur meeting with the sky; UA-92916515-1
Where the ocean meets the sky 

huge pine tree overlooking Pacific Ocean at Big Sur coastline; UA-92916515-1
View from Above Big Sur

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